Best business hotels in Bangalore

Top Business Hotels in Bangalore

Road warriors, or frequent business travellers, as we otherwise call ourselves have a certain set of needs while travelling. It is imperative that the hotels we stay in support our work requirements so we can seamlessly carry out our travel agendas - which mostly revolve around meetings, presentations, emails et al.

Here we have compiled a list of best business hotels in Bangalore. With our experience, these hotels are best suited for all the little but important amenities that a business traveller needs.

St. Mark's Hotel

At this 4-star property get set to enjoy old world hospitality with modern-day amenities. The warm ambience and personalised services are something you will experience in abundance here.

With a great location, impeccable services, top-notch amenities and world-class facilities, the hotel has earned various awards and accolades. St. Marks Inn always delivers more to you. So next time, if you are planning to come to Bangalore, make sure to experience their hospitality.

Regular Online Rate: Rs.6500-Rs.7200

NightStay Last-Minute Rate: Rs.3499-Rs.4699

Royal Orchid Central

Whatever you were looking for in a perfect hotel, Royal Orchid Central has it all. A complete value-for-money hotel, you will experience well-kept rooms, prompt staff, and elegantly designed interiors.

The hotel has plenty of rooms spread in three different categories coupled with all amenities. The food is remarkable and you can enjoy different cuisines at their restaurants. For a perfect picturesque view, overlook a lake from a starry terrace.

Regular Online Rate: Rs.6800-Rs.7400

NightStay Last-Minute Rate: Rs.3699-Rs.4799

Royal Orchid Suites

The hotel has world-class services and hospitality they offer to their guests. From immaculate services to modern-day conveniences, the hotel gives you all and that too on a budget. The hotel offers beautifully designed rooms with your all day essentials and make sure to offer you a wonderful and memorable stay.

The hotel takes pride in delivering its world-class services and hospitality to you. What makes this hotel distinct from other is their thought to provide comfort to solo lady traveller. For this, the hotel has dedicated a ‘Diva Floor’ for them. So ladies, if you planning a solo trip to Bangalore, feel special at this hotel.

Regular Online Rate: Rs.5500-Rs.6400

NightStay Last-Minute Rate: Rs.3899-Rs.4299


Goldfinch is a brand in itself and based on guests’ feedback the hotel endeavours to upgrade time-to-time and ensures that your stay here is not only comfortable but exclusive, also. From seamless check-in to quick check-out, the entire process in this hotel is done keeping you in mind.

The hotel is well-equipped with all necessary requirements that suit the need of today’s business travellers. While you are here, take advantage of their commendable hospitality and personalised services.

Regular Online Rate: Rs.4800-Rs.5700

NightStay Last-Minute Rate: Rs.3499-Rs.4199

Adarsh Hamilton

Located in a peaceful locality of Richmond Circle. The hotel is listed as the best business hotel in Bangalore for business purposes. If you are planning to organise any corporate meetings in Bangalore, this is the hotel for you.

The hotel is known to be one of the most luxurious business hotels in Bangalore and it offers well-appointed comfortable rooms that combine sophisticated interiors with modern-day design and facilities to provide you with a relaxing stay.

Regular Online Rate: Rs.5800-Rs.6700

NightStay Last-Minute Rate: Rs.3499-Rs.4699

Lemon Tree

Located at Whitefield, this hotel strives their best to give a home-like ambience to you. As the name suggests, everything you do here will make sure you will feel as fresh as a lemon. Cosy rooms are designed to give you a good night’s sleep.

Moreover, the hotel does care for differently-abled guests and has facilities for them as well. Explore the lip-smacking dishes at their multi-cuisines cafe.

Regular Online Rate: Rs.5800-Rs.6700

NightStay Last-Minute Rate: Rs.3599-Rs.4399

Lemon Tree

If you are coming to Bangalore and thinking to stay at Lemon Tree property then opt for this hotel as it will cater to all your needs. It is one of the city’s most classic and most-wanted among the guests, thanks to its perfect location and modest rates.

The hotel provides all luxurious facilities to you that are pocket-friendly. The hotel rooms are not only spacious but well-kept as well and allow natural light to come in. Choose any room, you will not be going to compromise on their quality.

Regular Online Rate: Rs.5800-Rs.6700

NightStay Last-Minute Rate: Rs.3499-Rs.4199

Ramada Encore

Ramada Encore is one of the most impressive and amazing hotels on our list. The hotel is a perfect choice for holiday by the travellers from around the world. Being located in the heart of the central business district, this Swiss hotel provides innovative, modern style and inviting rooms.

When you enter the hotel, you will be welcomed warmly by the well-trained staff and stylish interiors. Colourful rooms and ambient lighting create an alluring residential experience.

Regular Online Rate: Rs.5800-Rs.6900

NightStay Last-Minute Rate: Rs.3199-Rs.3599

The Pride Hotels

If you have visited any of their hotels, then you must be aware of their world-class services. Now, get ready to double your excitement with their Bengaluru property. At Bengaluru, the team aims to go beyond your expectation and with this stay, you will definitely feel luxurious. The hotel offers the best accommodation in Bangalore with its elegantly designed rooms with wooden flooring.

The hotel is located in the heart of the city and offering you easy access to major tourist attractions as well as shopping destinations. Dig yourself into some lip-smacking dishes and have a glass of wine at their restro-bar. The hotel is highly rated by travellers for its excellent hospitality.

Regular Online Rate: Rs.5700-Rs.6200

NightStay Last-Minute Rate: Rs.3599-Rs.4299

ARTE Boutique Hotel

Remarkable hospitality is what you experience at Arte Boutique. It breaks the concept of the boutique hotels that usually keep them in the basic hotel category. Here you will see how a boutique hotel can also be modern and offer all top-notch amenities.

The rooms are rich in design and decor and during your stay, you will fall in love with their services and facilities.

Regular Online Rate: Rs.3550-Rs.4400

NightStay Last-Minute Rate: Rs.1999-Rs.2499

Starlit Suites

An iconic tower hotel right in the front of Neomall, this hotel is equidistant from all areas in the Electronic City. A perfect place for travellers who seeks comfort and pleasure in their stay, Starlit Suites is the quick fix to all your problems.

The hotel is a sign of grace and serenity that offers elegantly-designed rooms and suites. An in-house restaurant offers you a wide range of cuisines.

Regular Online Rate: Rs.3800-Rs.4400

NightStay Last-Minute Rate: Rs.1999-Rs.2499